Short films

Two women meet at a bar. One of them is a cork, the other one is a piece of bread. Thilde is waiting for a date, Johanne is working as a waiter. It is the first time they see each other, since Johanne broke up with Thilde.

”I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Thilde (from under the table)

Nothing is concluded, and the game between them is on. A who-said-what-discussion about Thilde’s grandmother’s vernissage, makes Johanne grab the cork from the table and start the boardgame about the past.

The game is awakening feelings, that should have been forgotten, but still lures under the surface. The air is quiet. The time is holding its breath. And the time has gone when the date appears. Johanne hesitates and Thilde is therefore forced to go with her date.

The short film was showed in the restaurant Nr. 15 – Kitchen and Bar, where the movie take place. The movie will be available on this website and on our other channels before too long.