Roommates Gone Viral

A dangerous pandemic is raging outside. Eight couples of roommates are ready to battle and filled with expectations. 25.000 kr is at stake. But how will they manage, when the game is on, and we are releasing the virus? We have invented a worldwide spread virus pandemic. Through our players' journey, we will be able to get a unique insight on, how humanity would react, if a virus were on the loose in real life. Watch and follow our players in Roommates Gone Viral, when they for the next 100 days are living isolated, so they won’t get – contaminated.

Episode 1

We have started a long journey. A 100 days of isolation journey. First step is to select the eight couple of roommates.

Roommates Gone Viral – Episode 1: Auditionstapes

Episode 2

We have released The Virus and locked the players in their apartments. The spirit is high, and the players are receiving a letter. ✉️👩‍🚀

Roommates Gone Viral – Episode 2

Episode 3

The game is on for real. Søren in apartment seven put his fingers too far into the jam. Did he just get sticky fingers, or did some other particles (virus particles, maybe?) get stuck too? Only time will tell… In todays episode we’ll see the players reactions after the hard labor.

Roommates Gone Viral – Episode 3

Episode 4

50 out of 100 days in isolation is over. It’s time to relax and get a groove on – and maybe get contaminated by some party vibes? 💃💘 The remaining players have definitely earned this, because ahead of them lies a long and hard fight. 😈

Roommates Gone Viral – Episode 4

Episode 5

One of the viewers favourite player is surprisingly doing extremely bad in this weeks challenges. 😮 And that is unfortunately not the only thing, there is going on… Watch and get the bad news 🤭😈

Roommates Gone Viral – Episode 5

Episode 6

When the players signed up for Roommates Gone Viral, they knew, that it wouldn’t be a piece of cake. But maybe they didn't imagine, exactly how tough isolation and the fear of sickness could be? In todays episode they will definitely be a couple of cry-babies. 🍪🥺

Roommates Gone Viral – Episode 6

Episode 7

Oh my Host! Now there is only one day left till the finale. There have been ups and downs, and today a surprise is awaiting the players. 👽 The Host got something up her sleeve…💦🧽

Roommates Gone Viral – Episode 6

Episode 8

The finale is on. Two couple of roommates is left. The winners of Roommate Gone Viral must be found. 🔥 Disinfectant, tears and willpower is the only thing we’re getting the players for breakfast, so we can find the true winners and survivors of the dangerous virus pandemic. 😈💯

Roommates Gone Viral – Episode 6