Imagine an office building. That’s not so hard, is it? This office building has a toilet, where there is stalls. Well, that’s also pretty standard. And then imagine, that in the office building Liv and Anna are working. They don’t know each other, but they will soon begin to, after a fatal day in the toilets.

Episode 1

Liv is already having troubles with taking a leek at her work, but now there is some kind of freak sitting there and talking to her…

Toiletpigerne - Episode 1: Hallo?

Episode 2

Another day at the office. Liv has to pee again. Or does she?

Toiletpigerne – Episode 2: Er det dig igen?

Episode 3

Frustration all over. Anna is trying to solve a rubiks cube. X Factor is gathering the people.

Toiletpigerne – Episode 3: X Factor

Episode 4

Today is gonna be a good day. Liv have actually been looking forward to another talk. Anna brought a different type of lunch today. 😎

Toiletpigerne – Episode 4: Jeg siger ikke noget

Episode 5

Anna is clever. Her detective work is starting to pay off. Liv does not work on the third floor.

Toiletpigerne – Episode 5: Sorte huller

Episode 6

All my paper ladies, all my paper ladies, all my paper ladies! Now put your paper up, up and around…

Toiletpigerne – Episode 6: Paper ladies

Episode 7

Liv is in a crisis. Luckily, she got Anna, who is silent as a ninja, in the stall next to her.

Toiletpigerne – Episode 7: Lyserøde post-it

Episode 8

Liv has bought a new dishwasher and made a big decision.

Toiletpigerne – Episode 8: Muffins?